• Dimmer (4)
  • Dimmer (1)
  • Dimmer (3)
  • Dimmer (2)


standard for choice

  • Available for Tungsten lamp, Halogen lamp, Dimmer LED light
  • Available for Tungsten lamp, Halogen lamp, Dimmer LED light
  • Available for Tungsten lamp, Halogen lamp, Dimmer LED light

Adjustable Lighting control
Brightness percentage displays on the switch panel. Control with 0%-100% dimmable
Anti-Fingerprint Panel,No fingerprint left,protect your privacy

  • Show dimming precentage (1)
  • Show dimming precentage (2)
  • dimmer_12
  • dimmer_11

APP Remote Control
Using smart life APP to control the lights on/off from anywhere.
Enjoy your smart life.

Mobile is a remote controller, app remote control, dimming arbitrarily

Set light brightness you like,syncs with your schedule.
Compatible with many types of dimmable LED lamps.

Set lamp brightness range on Mobile

Timer Function
Pre-schedule the time to turn on/off lights automatically.

Set timer to turn on

check power Consumption at any time

check power consuption at any time

Back light on/off function
Create a good sleeping environment

  • Turn off backlight when go to sleep (1)
  • Turn off backlight when go to sleep (2)

Alexa and google assistant voice control,
release your finger

Product Name: Smart Dimmer Switch
Dimension 80*80*39mm(EU standard)
86*86*34mm(UK standard)
120*72*37mm(US standard)
Color: White / Black /Gold
Model No.: MG-EUWFD01W
Input voltage: 110-220V~,50/60Hz
Incandescent load 625W/Gang
LED load 150W/Gang
Dimming Mode Level dimming,stepless dimming
Voice Control Alexa or Google Assistant and Homekit etc.
Wireless protocol WIFI or Zigbee 2.4G
Wireless distance 50M
working temperature -20℃~60℃
Material Tempered Glass +flame retardant PC
Aluminum Frame+Tempered Glass +flame retardant PC
Certificate CE.SAA,RoHs

1. What are the standard choices for dimming percentages in the EU, UK, AU, and US?

In accordance with the standard regulations in the EU, UK, AU, and US, a wide range of dimming percentages are available. Users can select and adjust the dimming levels as per their preference, ranging from 0% (minimum brightness) to 100% (maximum brightness).


2. Can I know the exact brightness percentage when using the switch with an anti-fingerprint panel?

Yes, the switch with an anti-fingerprint panel allows you to determine the exact brightness percentage. The panel is designed to be easy to clear, facilitating accurate reading of the brightness level associated with the respective percentage.


3. Is it possible to control the dimming function through a mobile app or remote controller?

Absolutely! The mobile app acts as a remote controller, enabling you to control and adjust the dimming function of your lights effortlessly. You can easily increase or decrease the brightness levels as per your desired setting by using the app’s user-friendly interface.


4. Can I customize the brightness range of my lamp using the mobile app?

Yes, using the mobile app, you have the flexibility to set your preferred brightness range for the lamp. Simply access the app’s settings, navigate to the lamp control section, and adjust the brightness range accordingly. This feature allows you to personalize the lighting experience based on your individual preferences.


5. Will this dimmer be compatible with all types of dimmable LED lamps?

Yes, the dimmer is designed to be compatible with a wide range of dimmable LED lamps. By adhering to standard industry practices, this dimmer ensures compatibility with most dimmable LED lamps available in the market. However, it is always recommended to check the compatibility specifications of the dimmer with your specific LED lamp before installation.


6. Can I set a timer to automatically turn on or off the lamp?

Absolutely! The mobile app offers a timer feature that enables you to schedule the lamp’s automatic turn on/off functionality. Whether you want your lamp to turn on in the morning or automatically switch off at night, the timer function provides convenience and flexibility in managing your lighting preferences.