Smart High Power Water Heater Switch
Creating a true smart home experience.


Simple and Exquisite,blend with home perfectly.
Different colors and designs are available.

  • Plastic Frame

    Plastic Frame

  • Aluminum Frame

    Aluminum Frame

  • Power-Statistics


  • TimingCountdown


Used for high power electrical appliances

Voice control,
release your hands and bring more fun to operate

Voice control, bring more fun on operation
Product Name: Smart Boiler Switch
Dimension 80*80*39mm(EU standard)
86*86*34mm(UK standard)
120*72*41mm(US standard)
Color: White / Black /Gold
Model No.: /
Input voltage: 110-220V~,50/60Hz
Load MAX 20A
Working Mode Cut off L and N
Voice Control Alexa or Google Assistant and Homekit etc.
Wireless protocol WIFI or Zigbee 2.4G
Wireless distance 50M
working temperature -20℃~60℃
Material Tempered Glass +flame retardant PC
Aluminum Frame+Tempered Glass +flame retardant PC
Certificate CE.SAA,RoHs

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